Why Dental Financing?
The health medical services finance has become a necessity these days especially because most families are looking to have the best medical & dental services which lead them towards private dental clinics where the cost is becoming more and more expensive.
0% Dental Financing Loan
As part of our social contribution and to make the dental financing service an easy and light load over the patient, we offer our patients a new dental financing program with 0% profit through:

     - National Leasing & Financing Company.

     - Al-Manar for Leasing & Financing

0% Financing Advantages

     - Easy monthly installments with  0% profit  (only for the first year)

     - Packages: starting 500 KD up to KD 5000

     - Monthly installment must be not less than 25 KD.

     - Term: Minimum 6 months maximum 36 months.

     - Shariaa  compliant financing.

     - Free liability Insurance.

Required Documents

     - The original civil ID.

     - Salary certificate.

     - Account statement of the last 3 months.

     - Copy of passport for non- Kuwaiti customers

Product Procedures

     - Customer visits the clinic& chooses the needed treatment.

     - Maidan Clinic staff will request from the patient to filling dedicating form and signing cinet form.

     - Maidan staff will send both forms to NLFC by e-mail or fax with copy of customer civil ID

     - In case the patient’s profile fits the criteria, NLFC employee will provide the customer with an initial approval & requests some documents.

     - NLFC employee will request a quotation addressed to NLFC from the clinic staff including details of the treatment.

     - NLFC employee will meet up with the patient at the clinic to complete the company credit policy and conditions.

     - NLFC will issue purchase order to the clinic.

How to contact the (National Leasing & Financing) Co:
Murqab,Block 3 – Building 12- KBT Tower- Floor 27
Tel : 965-1820088
Fax : 00965-22916204 / 22916232
P.O.Box : 1275 Dasman 15463 Kuwait

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