Dental Services

Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Services
- Smile Makeover
- Cosmetic Facings (Veneers) using Emax (Hollywood Smile) & Porcelain
- Crown and bridge using CAD/CAM technique
- Implant prosthodontics
- Full mouth rehabilitation
- Removable Dentures (Valplast)

Dental Implants& Periodontics
- Using the best materials in implants accredited by ADA.
- All types of periodontal surgeries.

- Metal Braces
- Ceramic braces -Lingual braces
- Invisible braces (Invisalign)
- Retainers
- Removable and Functional appliances to correct facial deformity at young age.

- Early interceptive orthodontic
- Treating patient with special needs
- Pain free dentistry using Nitrous oxide (laughing gas).
- Preventive dental procedures with fluoride & sealants
- All types of modern restorative procedures
- Professional children management
- Handling emergency & trauma cases

Endodontic Restorative Services 
- Root Canal Treatment using modern microscope technique.
- Re-treat the unsuccessful tooth nerve cases
- All types of cosmetic fillings & veneers

Conservative Services
- All types of fillings
- All types of extractions including wisdom tooth extraction.

Dental Hygiene
- Cleaning and polishing teeth and gums (Scaling)
- Fluoride application
- Home bleaching
- Laser Zoom bleaching

- Sterilization System using the most modern equipment which assure the elimination of all microbes and virus