Why Maidan

1. Affordable Fees. Flexible 0% Finance Options
2. Internationally Renowned Reputation
3. Highest level of Quality Care.
4. Over 70 leading dental Clinicians & Experts all under one roof.
5. 7 branches covering Kuwait’s governorates.


6. No other dental clinic in Kuwait owns the Mobile Dental Clinic’s service but Exclusively at Maidan Clinic.
8. No other dental clinic in Kuwait provides such a spectrum of accreditation including CFI ( Best Dental Clinic In Kuwait 2018 ) and the ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
9. No other dental clinic in Kuwait provides such comprehensive, integrated and leading –edge services.
10. Leading Dental Implant & smile makeover clinics.
11. Personal Support, Treatment Care and Aftercare (we’re Always on-call)
12. Same day emergency Dental Treatments.
13. Over 4 Million treatment cases were successfully done within our branches
14. Over 750.000 patients in Kuwait trusted us and chose us as their preferred dental provider.
15. We have Successfully Transformed the Lives of 750.000 active Patients.
16. Owning the biggest dental central lab in Kuwait.
17. The only clinic that provides guarantee on all its services.

- The first specialized dental clinic in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf.
- The first dental clinic in Kuwait to use digital technology with the aim of reducing time, cost and higher accuracy.
- We use high-tech digital devices such as CAD CAM to manufacture prosthetics, 3D x-rays, microscopes and lasers, and many more.
- We use the technique of laughing gas and anesthesia without needles to help you relax during the treatment for those who phobia against dental treatment.
- We have the largest continuous education and training center for our medical, technical and administrative team through continuous courses throughout the year to ensure the high level of service.
- The only dental clinic in Kuwait listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.Why choose us?
- The largest medical team with the highest qualifications in all dental and oral specialties.
- We have the largest central call center to serve patients till midnight.
- We have 7 centers covering all governorates of Kuwait.
- The first clinic to provide a mobile dental clinic service to meet the needs of elderly, special-needs and VIP patients.
- The only clinic in Kuwait to obtain the International accreditation certificate for quality ( ISO) and the best dental clinic ( CFI Award) in Kuwait 2018.
- We offer high quality, comprehensive and integrated services in oral and dental medicine.
- We have the largest central dental laboratory that uses the finest international materials approved by the American Dental Association to ensure the quality of the fixtures manufactured by the most skilled technicians and under the quality control management.
* The only clinic that guarantees all treatments by providing its patients with a guarantee card on all treatments.
- The only clinic providing premium financing system with an interest-free treatments.
- We are the sole and exclusive agent in Kuwait in the manufacture of removable dentures with the Valplast System.
- We receive emergency cases in our Hawalli branch until midnight.
- More than 4 million successful treatment cases have been performed in all of our branches.
- More than 750,000 patients in Kuwait put their trust in us and preferred our service to other dental clinics.
- We have the largest central warehouse connected to the centers that provides the finest medical materials.