PAIN : once the appliance is fixed there will be discomfort. For 2 to 4 days . if pain occurs within 24 hours period you can have any pain killer or use orthodontic wax in areas where it hurts you.

BRUSHING: your teeth should look clean and breath should be fresh. Brush  your teeth with orthodontic  brushes  or soft brush after every time you eat (minimum 3 for 3 minutes). Gargle with lake warm water and salt (saline water) . Change your toothbrush as soon as the bristles worn cut..

EATING: Don’t eat anything hard fibrous and sticky (like bones  , toffee, chewing gum, chocolates, nuts, popcorn , chips) these may distort  the wire and loosen the bands and brackets. Do not eat any fruits directly . Cut them in to small pieces and eat boneless and chicken . Minimize  in lake of soft drink

WEARING OF ELASTIC: If prescribed elastic , it should be worn through  out the day except while brushing (replace immediately after brushing) . Change the elastic every 24 hours

Or as instructed by your orthodontics . By accident if the elastic is swallowed or it snaps off , replas it immediately . In this situation change both elastics with new one . Do not use any other elastic except the one given by your orthodontist.

BREAKAGE: Do not meddle with any part of the appliance with your finger . If any part becomes loose or hurts or the wire breaks repot to your orthodontist by taking an appointment immediately do not wait for regular appointment. Cooperate with us to give you a good SMILE.

 After extraction:

  1. Patient should press a piece of gauze in the site extraction for atleast half an hour and change it for two hours, and in case the bleeding continues, patient must call the dentist immediately.
  2. Patient should place a cold pack on his face on the extraction site for ten minutes every half-hour in the first and second day of extraction to reduce swelling.
  3. Avoid rinsing during first day of extraction to keep blood clot in the extraction site. Rinsing with warm water with salt can be done in the following day.
  4. Extraction site should not be touched by finger or tongue or suctioning blood to give a good chance for healing
  5. Preferable eat cold and soft food on the first day of extraction and use medication as prescribed.
  6. Rest and avoid hardwork on the first day of extraction.
  7. Swelling or pain could occur after extraction. This is a natural reaction and will reduce gradually within a week.

In case of suturing , patient should recall after a week for suture removal.

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