Welcome! To Maidan’s World of Benefits!

Since 1987, Maidan Clinic for oral & health care services started its development & progress parade in creating smiles till it reaches the summit and got awarded as the Best Dental Clinic in Kuwait for the year 2018.

This award & recognition could not be obtained without the support and loyalty of our co-workers the matter that encourages us launching a special benefits program, specially tailored to distinguish our valuable staff and providing them with the best advantages and benefits, as they are our real valuable assets.

One of our strengths is that we always strive to emphasize the treatment of our employees as one family. And to strengthen these bonds further, we are pleased to mention here below the discounts and other advantages that Maidan’s staff member will enjoy:

Maidan Clinic, is a subsidiary of a huge medical group companies (United Medical services), which has several subsidiaries & affiliations listed under its umbrella, such as:

*United Laboratories Company (ULC): 50% off on all cash lab tests (not covered under insurance).

* United Foodstuff Industries Group Co. (Sable Sweets): 25% off

* United Foodstuff Industries Group Co. (Deek Al-Roumy Restaurants): 15% off

*Alfa Fuel stations: 10% Off on ALL carwash services (Splash).

*Aman International Brokerage Co.: Car & Travel insurance.

*Viva Telecommunications Co.: Special discounts & packages are specially tailored for Maidan clinic staff.

General Note: Staff member has to submit his work ID or what proves that he is a working member at Maidan Clinic.


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