Community Service
We are determined that the community we serve benefits from our success and we translate this determination to practice by engaging in various initiatives and ongoing programs and charity causes aimed at social welfare, health care and the underprivileged sections of our society namely children.
We will continue to lead, partner and integrate to enable accessible, comprehensive and sustainable health systems for children in the Middle East. We will share our expertise through best practices in knowledge sharing and education to address key health issues in the region.
We consider it an honor, and our duty and our privilege, to be able to serve the community in more ways than just providing health care services.
Community life continues to be central to our mission because our history and our success springs from our social roots and relationships. Giving back to the community can, and does take many forms: for example, our call centre is manned by highly
skilled people with a gift for communication who are visually impaired.
Annual public awareness campaigns also significantly extend Al-Maidan Clinic’s reach. These well-designed media campaigns continue to highlight the need for annual checkups for oral cancer, the best dental options during pregnancy,
and the most successful treatments for diabetes. A routine visit to the dentist can sometimes save lives.
Al-Maidan Clinic’s Corporate Social Responsibility in financial and product contributions continue to support a variety of causes including the Kuwait Centre for Autism, for example. 
The mobile clinic provides school age children with important dental tips and insights into the best in lifelong dental practices. Infact, the mobile clinic has logged over 15.000 visits in the last years to different schools across kuwait.
Throughout the years, Al-Maidan Clinic continues to be actively involved with different local and non-profit organizations in different sectors including Education, Health & Human Services, Civic & Community initiatives.

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