Al Maidan Central Dental Laboratory

Here at Maidan Central Dental Lab, our vision is to offer high quality dental restorations for our clinics & clients. The demand for effective and aesthetic dental treatment is high, and dental clinics need reliable lab partner to achieve their goals. Having this in mind, we strive to make every case successful, in terms of aesthetics and function, and in fast turnaround times

Al Maidan Central Dental Laboratory, affiliated to Al Maidan Dental Clinic, is one of the largest specialized dental laboratories in Kuwait, winner of the ISO and the best dental laboratory in Kuwait for 2018.

Al Maidan Central Dental Laboratory has a team of highly qualified dental technicians with a high degree of competence and experience.

We are keen to keep pace with technology by providing the laboratory with the latest digital medical equipment. In addition of using the finest materials from American and European manufacturers. We can confidently grant warranty to all our restorations and this is the reason behind offering a guarantee card to our patients guaranteeing our treatments.

The Laboratory has a number of departments to ensure smooth progress of work from receiving to delivery under constant supervision from the quality control follow-up department.

1 / Receiving Department.
2 / Plaster Department.
3 / Ditching Department.
4/ CAD/CAM Department
5 / Removable Department.
6 / Wax and metal Department.
7 / Implant Department.
8 / Ceramic Department.
9 / Dispatching Department.
10 / Quality control Department.


Thanks to the quality of our restoration, the materials we use and the efficiency of our technicians, we have completed more than 3 million successful cases during our career in the field. This trust and reputation has made many of the medical centers, dental clinics and hospitals choose our central laboratory not only in Kuwait but at the GCC and the Middle East as well.